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Do you want to be on your way? And you are not sure if you are bringing everything you need with you? Is your backpack equipped with everything you need?

You should check the skills, content and implementation options:

I am a child of the mountains through and through, from an early age! I love the beauty and tranquility of nature, which inspires me again and again and leads me back to the essential values: „What do you really need for inner satisfaction?“
Experiences in the mountains, paired with experiences of feeling my own limits and moving out of the comfort zone, help me to feel and experience myself to the core and to question again and again in my actions: Where is my comfort zone and where does it end? When and how can I surpass myself? How does my inner weaker self work? Intuition – head – experience – personality … who wins? This experience is an important basis in the work with my customers in order to understand them in your processes and to overcome the internal and external „hurdles“ with you.
As a person with a sense of home and a real mountain fanatic, I cannot deny my origins. Watch out! You will see it in my language coloring ☺. I like to go into raptures when it comes to the beauties of the Werdenfelser Land, where I grew up and live. I also like to cook with regional products or mushrooms that I have picked myself. My friends from the lowlands are always looking forward to my homemade dumplings!
Driven by my passion for mountain sports, I am an active and certified resident at Bergwacht Bayern and am responsible for press and public relations.

How i work

Embed and Sustainably Anchor

Who is the applause due?

It is important to me to let people and organization grow in an interlinked learning process. For me, success is when the actors pat each other appreciatively on the back and are proud of themselves and of what they have achieved together. As a consultant, I can bring in my experience and knowledge, inspire and push, give feedback and initiate a-ha moments … the recognition goes to those who actively implement it. So I will not climb the summit for you, but I will help effectively so that you are proud of having made it on your own.

Walk in the other one’s moccasins for a while

I am basically a curious person and find people with all their peculiarities and peculiarities exciting. Behind every perspective there is a story and a set of values that you can work with. To do this, it is important to me to speak the language of my customers and to immerse themselves in their world. For me, connecting worlds always means learning to understand worlds and opening them up to one another … and that includes listening carefully but also providing clear, understandable feedback. Why shouldn’t mountaineers learn and benefit from seafarers or golfers?

My ingredients for success: humor, optimism and experience

For me, taking people with you means picking them up where they are. The first step and a promising journey start when I can create a-ha moments and make sense. With the right dose of humor, I manage to generate the necessary seriousness and, with a positive attitude, always bring the inherent opportunities into focus. And what could be nicer than sharing the joy of summit together after a strenuous ascent!

Do you have all the skills and resources needed to reach your summit? I am happy to check and pack your backpack with you.

Online, presence and hybrid – you can count on me!
German, English or Bavarian – you name it!


How i work

Embed and Sustainably Anchor

When I take friends or acquaintances with me on a mountain tour, I like to look for ambitious goals on the sidelines or a little outside of their comfort zone that they wouldn’t trust themselves to be. If I assess their abilities and know what I can expect, then I will find a suitable and exciting tour. What is it that drives me? – The feedback at the end of the day: “It was a great experience!” And “I never thought I could do it!”. And if you can talk with a smile about the successfully mastered challenges and the encounters with your own „bastard“ on the descent, then everyone knows each other a little better and is keen on the next adventure.

My backpack

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Seit 2016.          Change it. Tucek Consulting, self-employed

2008-2016        Senior Consultant, Stadler / Schott / Consulting for corporate culture

2004-2008          Consultant and trainer in the field of strategic personnel development and employee qualification, Audi Academy

2003-2004        Human Resources Officer, IQ Intelligent Engineering Management

2000-2008      Product advice / training for dealers / customers, event support,
Member of the Ski Demo Team Germany, HEAD Germany


Embed and Sustainably Anchor
  • Magister Artium in Pedagogy (Adult Education), Psychology and English Studies, University of Regensburg
  • Systemic consultant and coach, INSYS Regensburg
  • Trainer training, Audi Academy Ingolstadt
  • Project management, Audi Academy Ingolstadt
  • Customer-oriented communication and effective appearance, Typakademie Limburg
  • VizTrain – visualization course, Visual Facilitators Hamburg
  • Somatic Experiencing (crisis intervention and trauma management), BAPt e.V., Cologne
  • English fluently
  • International experience, e.g. China, USA, Europe, South Africa
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